• paul tierney

    Architectural Interior of Private house

    Private house in Dublin with brick Architectural Interior

  • Edwardian house architectural photograph showing beautiful universal design conversation of domestic architecture in ireland

    Universal Design Peter Oakes Architect Architectural Photography

    Peter Oakes Architects highlight the qualities of great architecture and great architects. This project in a seaside village outside Dublin. It adapts an Edwardian house to the needs of its owners. The house was converted to meet universal design standards. The design is so skilful that is not apparent that the house is design for universal access. The project was an inspiring to see. The choice of colours in the interiors and on the external steelwork brings life to the building. Why is this great architecture? To me the mark of great architecture is its ability to contribute to enjoyment of life and living. This building, such a simple renovation, greatly contributes to the lives of the owners. The mastery of the building is that the design is unpretentious and inspiring at the same time.



  • Architectural Photography for Hussey Architects Dublin,

    Hussey Architects HSE Navan Road

    Hussey Architects HSE architectural photography . The HSE primary care centre on the navan road was completed recently and require Architectural Photography to show the extend of the design and the quality of materials and urban layout.

  • Architectural photography of Visit Dublin Andrew street

    Visit Dublin Architectural Photography

    Architectural photography for Visit Dublin on Suffolk street. Visit Dublin on suffolk street is a visitor centre for tourists. The centre provides information for all those interested in finding out about Dublin. It also offer some information of tours outside of Dublin and in the rest of Ireland. Its primary focus is on Dublin City and the greater Dublin Area. The photography shows of the space completed recently as part of a commercial fit-out contract. The design is clean and spacious with the multiple display screens used to create a bright and vibrant environment.

  • Interior photograph of Marker Hotel Swimming Pool Dublin

    Marker Hotel Interior Photography

    Architectural and Interior photography for the Marker Hotel Dublin.


    “Extraordinary, surprising and luxurious, The Marker Hotel is the perfect urban retreat for those who crave the unconventional.”

    This how the Marker Hotel describes itself. This project was completed for the Architects and designers.

  • Scott Tallon Walker Architects Carroll ( DKIT) Dundalk Institute of Technology

    DKIT Carrolls Factory restoration Scott Tallon Walker Architects

    The original Carrolls factory built between 1968 -1970 is on of the finest example of Miesian modernism producing in the state. In 2002, the building was acquired by Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT), to accomodate teaching and administrative facilities for the departments of Informatics and Creative Arts. STW architects refurbished the factory to meet new stringent environmental requirements whilst retaining the essence of the the original factory layout.

    The original design received the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland / Gold Medal – Highly Commended. The refurbishment received an RIBA Award in 2012.



  • Paul Dillon Architects Award winning development galway KFC

    Galway Architectural Photography Paul Dillon Architects

    Located at the Briarhill roundabout junction the KFC building presents the best is Irish Architectural design. The builing is for a commercial use, however it is design as a contemporary reflection on vernacular architecture. It building is constructed of stone and pre-cast and in-situ concrete. Flush glazing is used for all external elevations. The detailing is very measured with all details contributing to the refined appearance of the unit.

  • Conservation architectural photography Rubrics Trinity College Dublin John O'Connell Architects

    Rubrics Trinity College Dublin conservation photography

    Conservation architectural photography Rubrics Trinity College Dublin for John O’Connell Architects. This project involved photographing the conservation and restoration of the Rubrics Building Trinity College Dublin. The project was completed by Conservation Architects John O’Connell Architects.

    A little bit of information on the Rubrics can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rubrics

  • Architectural Photography for Gilroy McMahon Architects

    Residential Photography for Gilroy McMahon Architects

    Residential and Architectural Photography for Gilroy McMahon Architects. Located in the the Santry / Ballymun area of Dublin city , thi is a nice design scheme. It was photographed 2005 . It was shot on large format film. It was one of the last projects photographed on large formate film. The project has matured very well . The robust detailing , simple colours and considered layout have lasted well in a tough environment.
    More of work of Gilroy McMahon Architects, including Croke Park Stadium, can be seen here http://www.gilroymcmahon.com/

  • Architectural Photography for galway city council green environmental sustainable housing

    Architectural and Interior photography for Galway City Council Housing Department

    Architectural and Interior photography for Galway City Council Housing Department.

    Architectural and Interior photography for Galway City Council Housing Department. This project was commissioned by Galway City council to record their recently completed housing. The residential units were completed to a very high environmental standard. Most of the units were built on spare sites at the edges of existing housing estates. However the design of the units means that the new housings act as centre points to the existing house. The designs were a great addition to the location.