• Architectural Photography for galway city council green environmental sustainable housing

    Architectural and Interior photography for Galway City Council Housing Department

    Architectural and Interior photography for Galway City Council Housing Department.

    Architectural and Interior photography for Galway City Council Housing Department. This project was commissioned by Galway City council to record their recently completed housing. The residential units were completed to a very high environmental standard. Most of the units were built on spare sites at the edges of existing housing estates. However the design of the units means that the new housings act as centre points to the existing house. The designs were a great addition to the location.

  • Architectural Photography McCullough Mulvin Private house

    Architectural photography McCullough Mulvin

    This small project in Rathmines Dublin has featured in the movie “About Adam” , released in 2000 it starred Kate Hudson and Stuart Townsend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu1KyL-HcxU.

    The house features a living room on the 1st floor. The living extends over the full floor plan and creates views from the front to the back of the house. The ground floor is used for sleeping, bathing and storage. This is a really great example the emergence of the influence of one of the Group 91 architects http://archiseek.com/2011/group-91-exhibition-at-ucd/#.VK5OqmSsW0w The house received an Architectural Association Award in 1999 for the design.

    The architectural photography was completed for the client in 2002.

  • Mahoney Architecture Private house

    Residential Architectural Photography for Mahoney Architects

    Residential architectural photography for Mahoney Architects. This lakeshore beautiful house is a beautiful example of the best in Irish design. The project is located in the west of Ireland, it features a boat store at ground level, store rooms for fly fishing.

  • Martin Donlon Architects Residential Development

    Architectural and Interior Photography for Martin Donlon Architects

    Architectural and Interior Photography for Martin Donlon Architects. These projects were photographed for Martin Donlon Architect around the Longford and Leitrim areas in 2012. The projects show the potential of contemporary architectural design. All of the projects are modest in their extend. They make best of use of views and materials to create fantastic spaces that enhance their rural environment.

  • Kavanagh Tuite Private House

    Interior Photography Kavanagh Tuite Architects

    Interior and Architectural photography for Kavanagh Tuite Architects. This is an example of tasteful and contemporary remodeling of an existing structure by Kavanagh Tuite Architects. The photography concentrated on the interior areas as well and the kitchen and exterior facade.

  • GKMP Architects Private House

    Photography of Private house for GKMP Architects

    GKMP architects commissioned architectural and interior photography of this extension to a private house in dublin. The building extends an existing house with an in-situ cast concrete addition.

  • HKR Architects The Forum Residential Development

    Architectural photography , The Forum Sandyford

    HKR Architects commissioned architectural Photography of this residential development in Sandyford / Stillorgan Dublin.

  • Architectural Photography Denis Byrne Architects Private house Sligo

    Architectural Photography for Denis Byrne Architects

    Photographed for Denis Byrne Architects, This private house and adjoining studio /work space is set in a picturesque part of Co. Sligo Ireland. The photographic brief was to describe the house and it relationship to the landscape. The house is designed in a sustainable manner in that it has solar collectors and is higly insulated. Another advantage of the house design is that it has a small floor area. The design maximizes useable space so that all areas of the house function in an efficient manner. This house was a real pleaseure to photograph. It typifies the best in Irish architectural design.

  • Cast Architecture Private house

    Architectural Photography Private Residence

    The terracotta tiles for this building provided the insipration for one of the main images in the set. The view down the exterior stair was an interesting visible element that was quite difficult to display using conventional views. For this image the camera ( and photographer ) were balanced above the stairs. It was one of the few locations where the complexity of the tiles could be seen fully. The view shows how the tiles wrap the underlying construction. All of the tiles are full tiles where they should be. It is a nice example of the construction and design of a small, precise space.

    Cast Architecture are the Architects for this detailed, considered scheme.

    Cast Architecture Private house

    Cast Architecture Private house

  • Cotter Carr Naessens Killarney Co Kerry Private House

    Cotter Carr Naessens Killarney Co Kerry Private House

    This is an example of residential Architectural Photography for Cotter Carr Naessens. THe project is located in a picturesque part of Co. Kerry near Killarney. The project is embedded in the landscape with walls leading into the surrounding fields. As a home the project is a nice modest modernist design. It has a robust quality that matchs the landscape but there is a refined quality to the architectural details throughout the building.