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Hexagon Mermaid Arts Centre

Hexagon presented print words by six professional artists. The photography documented the exhibitions and was reproduced in brochure form. The work was both collaborative and individual in nature. The participant artists presented their own pieces in response to the team.

The challenge, from a photographic, was to represent the work of the artists as a cohesive exhibition while at the same time show the individual elements. Some of the pieces were presented as installations. It was a challenge to illustrate the sense of the spaces as there had been presented by the artists, rather than simply document the environment.

Test from mermaid arts centre:

Hexagon is about professional artists discovering, or rediscovering, printmaking as a medium full of possibility.This exhibition is the culmination of a project and residency that shows the work of the six participating artists. The artists that participated in Hexagon include three professional Wicklow based artists; Aoife Flynn, Laura Kelly and Joanna Kidney, and three members of Cork Printmakers; Conall Cary, Dominic Fee and Fiona Kelly. The six artists worked together over a two week residency from 28th July to the 8th August 2014 at Cork Printmakers’ Studio, Cork City. This residency offered the artists a unique opportunity to collaborate, learn new skills and explore techniques in a professional print studio. The development of hybrid approaches and challenge to traditional boundaries of printmaking, enables audiences to see printmaking in a new light.

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