• Farranboley Tri House

    The Urban Agency House Fro Enda Loughman was featured in today’s Irish Times. The house is proposes a model for increasing the density of the suburbs by using back gardens of existing houses. The triangular shape of the site generated the triangular plan form. The edges are carved out to create access and enhance the usable space inside. More detail can be seen on the Irish Times and Urban Agency. Irish Times


    Urban Agency

  • Construction photography for MDY construction Ireland Reddy Urbanism And Architecture Architects Ballymun Housing

    Construction Photography for MDY construction Ballymun Dublin Ireland

    A beautiful sunny day in Ballymun for MDY construction , showing the buildings ( literally) in their best light. These images were photographed directly after PC so that the quality of finish was evident.

    Tendering for new projects is the daily work of any modern contractor. Frequently, it is the subtle things like the quality of corporate imagery that distinguishes one candidate from another. For the best imagery the general practice is to photograph at or close to P.C. ( Practical Completion).  For  construction photography we use a variety of specialist equipment to ensure the reliable results.


  • Edwardian house architectural photograph showing beautiful universal design conversation of domestic architecture in ireland

    Universal Design Peter Oakes Architect Architectural Photography

    Peter Oakes Architects highlight the qualities of great architecture and great architects. This project in a seaside village outside Dublin. It adapts an Edwardian house to the needs of its owners. The house was converted to meet universal design standards. The design is so skilful that is not apparent that the house is design for universal access. The project was an inspiring to see. The choice of colours in the interiors and on the external steelwork brings life to the building. Why is this great architecture? To me the mark of great architecture is its ability to contribute to enjoyment of life and living. This building, such a simple renovation, greatly contributes to the lives of the owners. The mastery of the building is that the design is unpretentious and inspiring at the same time.



  • Architectural Photography Benamore Court Justin O'Connor Architect with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Architects

    Architectural Photography Benamore Court

    Architectural Photography of Benamore Court Justin O’Connor Architect with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Architects

  • Architectural Photography for Gilroy McMahon Architects

    Residential Photography for Gilroy McMahon Architects

    Residential and Architectural Photography for Gilroy McMahon Architects. Located in the the Santry / Ballymun area of Dublin city , thi is a nice design scheme. It was photographed 2005 . It was shot on large format film. It was one of the last projects photographed on large formate film. The project has matured very well . The robust detailing , simple colours and considered layout have lasted well in a tough environment.
    More of work of Gilroy McMahon Architects, including Croke Park Stadium, can be seen here http://www.gilroymcmahon.com/

  • Architectural Photography for galway city council green environmental sustainable housing

    Architectural and Interior photography for Galway City Council Housing Department

    Architectural and Interior photography for Galway City Council Housing Department.

    Architectural and Interior photography for Galway City Council Housing Department. This project was commissioned by Galway City council to record their recently completed housing. The residential units were completed to a very high environmental standard. Most of the units were built on spare sites at the edges of existing housing estates. However the design of the units means that the new housings act as centre points to the existing house. The designs were a great addition to the location.

  • Mahoney Architecture Private house

    Residential Architectural Photography for Mahoney Architects

    Residential architectural photography for Mahoney Architects. This lakeshore beautiful house is a beautiful example of the best in Irish design. The project is located in the west of Ireland, it features a boat store at ground level, store rooms for fly fishing.

  • Martin Donlon Architects Residential Development

    Architectural and Interior Photography for Martin Donlon Architects

    Architectural and Interior Photography for Martin Donlon Architects. These projects were photographed for Martin Donlon Architect around the Longford and Leitrim areas in 2012. The projects show the potential of contemporary architectural design. All of the projects are modest in their extend. They make best of use of views and materials to create fantastic spaces that enhance their rural environment.

  • GKMP Architects Private House

    Photography of Private house for GKMP Architects

    GKMP architects commissioned architectural and interior photography of this extension to a private house in dublin. The building extends an existing house with an in-situ cast concrete addition.

  • HKR Architects The Forum Residential Development

    Architectural photography , The Forum Sandyford

    HKR Architects commissioned architectural Photography of this residential development in Sandyford / Stillorgan Dublin.