• Cotter Carr Naessens Killarney Co Kerry Private House

    Cotter Carr Naessens Killarney Co Kerry Private House

    This is an example of residential Architectural Photography for Cotter Carr Naessens. THe project is located in a picturesque part of Co. Kerry near Killarney. The project is embedded in the landscape with walls leading into the surrounding fields. As a home the project is a nice modest modernist design. It has a robust quality that matchs the landscape but there is a refined quality to the architectural details throughout the building.


  • Boyd Cody Architecture Private House

    Boyd Cody Architects Private House

    The architecture is precise and I hoped the photographs are too. At present this images are 10 years old. Shot in 2004 on a large format camera ( Sinar) with a variety of nice lens , these images are representative of the work I have completed with Boyd Cody Architects.

  • Architecture republic formwork studio

    Architecture Republic Formwork Studio

    Formwork studio is a project designed for the artist John Graham in Dublin. The client had a keen interest in architecture and design. The studio is designed designed by Architecture Republic as a flexible space adaptable to the needs of the user over the years. 

    One of the features of the space is the circulation. The entrance at ground level steps downwards into the studio. This allows the ground plane to become a table and then a bench. The architect Maxim Laroussi notice that the artist used a table to view his print and design work from a height. The studio is designed with this movement in mind.

    For more on the studio and Architecture republic :



  • Ailtireacht Private House

    Ailtireacht Private House

    Ailtireacht architects private house in Dublin. Photography of details, glass flooring, kitchen photography.



  • South Western Hospital Enniskillen

    Architectural product photography Southwest Hospital Derry

    Kilsarin Concrete required an update of their marketing and brochure material. They needed architectural images and product photography that specifically showed their product. We used a variety of wide angle lens and specialized equipment to capture the extend of the paving products. Southwestern general hospital was part of the commission to photograph the concrete products. The paving surfaces shown extend from road surfaces, tactile pavement and specialist paving for foot traffic.