• page from volume 4 of Royal Irish Academy book on Irish Art and Architecure

    Art and Architecture Volume IV Retail Photography

    Art and Architecture of Ireland catalogues the riches of Irish culture history of Art and Architecture. The volume on Medieval is a most have for any library, it covers the period from C400- C1600. The book complies an amazing array of knowledge on Irish Medieval culture. Architecture, Urban Settlement, painting, illuminations, jewelry and sculpture are some of the subjects that are cover. The book is a hugely valuable resource for anyone with a interest in irish culture.
    Volume IV (4) covers Irish Architecure from c1600 to C2000. Again, the book is a magnificent project that documents the tradition and culture of Architecture in Ireland. My own images of retails facades from the circa 1970’s were used to illustrate shop design. The gridded layout of the page is very sympathetic to the images of the shops, the illustrations in black and white by Sean Rothery are a very good compliment to my images of shops.

    page from volume 4 of Royal Irish Academy book on Irish Art and Architecure

    Art and Architecture of Ireland Royal Irish Academy

  • front cover of medieval volume of art and architecture of ireland

    Art and Architecture of Ireland RIA

    Art and Architecture of Ireland is a five volume set of books that catalogues the history of Irish Art and Architecture. The books are a fantastic resource for anyone with even a passing interest in the Art and Architecture of Ireland. As a photographer it was a real joy to be involved in a very minor way with the production of the books.
    All five volumes are incredible works of academic insight, the books draw together many of the authoritative experts on irish Art and Architecture. The volume on medieval architecture and art from C.400-C.1600 is the most amazing collection of writings on the subject. My own involvement was mainly with the volume on Architecture from C.1600 to C.2000. This voLume , edited by Rolf Loeber, Hugh Campbell, Livia Hurley, John Montague and Ellen Rowley, presents a concise narrative of the last 400 years of Architectural history in Ireland. The book provides an analysis of Architectural history, historiography and the history of the Architecture profession.
    As the RIA states on its website : ” Art and Architecture of Ireland in is an authoritative and fully illustrated account of the art and architecture of Ireland from the early Middle Ages to the end of the 20th century. The volumes explore all aspects of Irish art and architecture – from high crosses to installation art, from Georgian houses to illuminated manuscripts, from watercolours and sculptures to photography, oil paintings, video art and tapestries. This monumental work provides new insight into every facet of the strength, depth and variety of Ireland’s artistic and architectural heritage.”
    All five volumes are available from the RIA website: http://www.ria.ie/art-and-architecture-of-ireland-(aai).aspx
    and also from all good book stores.