Color Space Tips

General tips for color space ( as a follow up to an earlier article on Color space models):

  • Simple is good: sRGB is sufficient for most applications.
  • Web browsers and most monitors also generally only render sRGB.
  • Many print houses will convert sRGB files to CMYK

When printing images via photoshop, turn off color management within the printer, turn on “let photoshop manage colors” . Then select the paper profile that gives you the most similar results to the screen image. Companies such as permajet provide free ICC profiles for their papers.

To get the very best results, process files as 8 or 16 bits files into Adobe 1998 and process them as PSD, or TIFF files to get results. Then output to an sRGB color space model for general use such as websites, documents etc.

When dealing with commercial printers  make color tests for any color critical work. Variations in their ICC profiles, printers , papers etc. can effect the color output. Also increasing contrast and saturation of the images can help left the images off of the page.


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