• Architectural Photography Denis Byrne Architects Private house Sligo

    Architectural Photography for Denis Byrne Architects

    Photographed for Denis Byrne Architects, This private house and adjoining studio /work space is set in a picturesque part of Co. Sligo Ireland. The photographic brief was to describe the house and it relationship to the landscape. The house is designed in a sustainable manner in that it has solar collectors and is higly insulated. Another advantage of the house design is that it has a small floor area. The design maximizes useable space so that all areas of the house function in an efficient manner. This house was a real pleaseure to photograph. It typifies the best in Irish architectural design.

  • Cast Architecture Private house

    Architectural Photography Private Residence

    The terracotta tiles for this building provided the insipration for one of the main images in the set. The view down the exterior stair was an interesting visible element that was quite difficult to display using conventional views. For this image the camera ( and photographer ) were balanced above the stairs. It was one of the few locations where the complexity of the tiles could be seen fully. The view shows how the tiles wrap the underlying construction. All of the tiles are full tiles where they should be. It is a nice example of the construction and design of a small, precise space.

    Cast Architecture are the Architects for this detailed, considered scheme.

    Cast Architecture Private house

    Cast Architecture Private house

  • Cotter Carr Naessens Killarney Co Kerry Private House

    Cotter Carr Naessens Killarney Co Kerry Private House

    This is an example of residential Architectural Photography for Cotter Carr Naessens. THe project is located in a picturesque part of Co. Kerry near Killarney. The project is embedded in the landscape with walls leading into the surrounding fields. As a home the project is a nice modest modernist design. It has a robust quality that matchs the landscape but there is a refined quality to the architectural details throughout the building.


  • Boyd Cody Architecture Private House

    Boyd Cody Architects Private House

    The architecture is precise and I hoped the photographs are too. At present this images are 10 years old. Shot in 2004 on a large format camera ( Sinar) with a variety of nice lens , these images are representative of the work I have completed with Boyd Cody Architects.

  • Box Architecture Private House

    Box Architecture Private House

    Box Architecture Private House, this project completed by Box Architecture in 2010 . The primary design focus was to upgrade an existing house to modern environmental standards in terms of energy use, ventilation and comfort. The photography sought to exhibit the new design of the house in the best light. The photography was carried out whilst the builders were still completing the building. Much of the work to the external hard landscaping was yet to be complete. However tight cropping of the scene meant that we were able to display a truthful and compelling images of the architecture.

  • Sillogue Housing BKD Architects

    Sillogue Housing BKD Architects

    Sillogue Housing BKD Architects, this building were completed as part of the Ballymun regeneration scheme in 2008.

  • New Build

    Marino Institute of Technology BKD Architects

    This series of architectural images was photographed in 2008 for BKD architects. The project involved photographing many of their legacy projects completed in various sections. Of primary interest to the architects was to establish the quality of the designs and the emphasize the light and space in the buildings.


  • BKD Architects Fatima Mansions

    Social Housing Photography BKD Architects

    Social Housing Architecture photography for BKD Architects. This project was part of an urban renewal program carried out between 2008 and 2012. The area was a public housing scheme consisting of mansion blocks and apartment blocks. It was known as Fatima Mansions. The mansion block were demolished and replace under a public private partnership apartment scheme. The area is now called Herberton. Images of Herberton ( by Reddy Architecture and Urbanism) can be seen elsewhere in on the website.
    As a photography project the scheme was quite challenging to photograph. We were commissioned about 4 years after completion of the building. This was due to the phased basis of the building program of the entire Fatima Mansions area. In essence the locality had been a building site for about 4 years. To complicate matters on street parking was an issue. We photographed the buildings in the early morning to get the best light and avoid some of the parking issues. The buildings have a strong urban presence, pleasing color and some nice details where they meet the street. They are a good example social housing architecture developed in the Irish context.


  • BCHD Residential Development

    Newbury Wood Housing Development Clonshaugh BCDH Architects

    This residential scheme in Clonshaugh north County Dublin was produced by BCDH for Dublin City Council. The design uses three house types to create a modern street-scape with a recognizable link to traditional standard houses. Each house is designed to take advantage of the southern aspect of the site and to maximise light through the house.

    The project brief for the photography was to produce images that presented the scheme as a coherent street scape. The project was photographed shortly after practical completion in winter. The low seasonal light is one of the attractive aspects of the images. The project was photographed early in the day to achieve this look.

    The project shows contemporary urban housing at its finest.


  • Architecture republic formwork studio

    Architecture Republic Formwork Studio

    Formwork studio is a project designed for the artist John Graham in Dublin. The client had a keen interest in architecture and design. The studio is designed designed by Architecture Republic as a flexible space adaptable to the needs of the user over the years. 

    One of the features of the space is the circulation. The entrance at ground level steps downwards into the studio. This allows the ground plane to become a table and then a bench. The architect Maxim Laroussi notice that the artist used a table to view his print and design work from a height. The studio is designed with this movement in mind.

    For more on the studio and Architecture republic :