• South Western Hospital Enniskillen

    Architectural product photography Southwest Hospital Derry

    Kilsarin Concrete required an update of their marketing and brochure material. They needed architectural images and product photography that specifically showed their product. We used a variety of wide angle lens and specialized equipment to capture the extend of the paving products. Southwestern general hospital was part of the commission to photograph the concrete products. The paving surfaces shown extend from road surfaces, tactile pavement and specialist paving for foot traffic.



  • Panoramic Photography O2 Theatre

    Panoramic Architectural Photography

    Panoramic Architectural photography can provide visually appealing and informative images of a building or location. One of the examples is of the O2 arena, currently renames as the Three Arena in Dublin. The panoramic image was used to show the extend of the acoustic panels that had been installed for the client by SAS systems.  Panoramic images can work well on the web or as a two or three page fold out in print. Many of the panoramic images I have produced recently were used as part of a display setting in an office.

    Panoramic photography can be useful for showing the extent of a site. It can be completed in two ways. The first and most straightforward is to use a ultra-wide lens and crop a sample from that image. The advantage with this method is simplicity, it produces an image that can capture fast moving objects in one shot. The alternative method is to use a longer lens on a rotating gimble to produce a composite image. This image as the advantage of being very high resolution. However the scene has to be almost movement free or if there is movement the image should be digital adjusted so that all aspects of the image relate to each other.


  • Product Casey Doors Nursing home Doors

    Architectural product photography for Casey Doors

    Casey Doors requested Architectural photography for their range of Fire doors in a nursing home. The fire doors are high spec architectural doors with specialist vision panels and associated details. The project comprised of photographing the doors in situ. Details of the ironmongery including , escutcheons, roses, push plates , kick plates, hinges , door closers and all associated ironmongery. As part of the project the anti-ligature hardware was also documented.  The door sets were an integral part of the nursing home design. The color of the door sets were used as a way finding mechanism to denote the various zones of the building. Casey doors requested a very graphic style of architectural photography to fit their website and marketing material. The final images were used in their paper literature and website .


  • Gunn Lennon Design Aluminium Window Facade

    Product and Architectural Photography for Gunn Lennon Fabrications

    Product photography for Gunn Lennon Fabrications

    Gunn Lennon Fabrications are one of the leading specialist curtain walling in the state. They required architectural photography and product photography for the upgrade of their website and marketing materialsrecently. As a specialist photographer in the industry I had worked with main contractors and also Architects that had specified Gunn Lennon Fabrications skills. GLF are had in very high regard for their expertise in their field. The project involved photographing much of the companies back catalogue as well and providing detail images of in-situ construction.


  • Architectural Product photography for At Work Acoustic panels

    Product and Architectural Photography for At Work

    At Work Acoustic Panels shown in Bord Gais Network Services centre designed by Denis Byrne Architects. This photography session was completed in collaboration with Denis Byrne Architects and Bord Gais