• Farranboley Tri House

    The Urban Agency House Fro Enda Loughman was featured in today’s Irish Times. The house is proposes a model for increasing the density of the suburbs by using back gardens of existing houses. The triangular shape of the site generated the triangular plan form. The edges are carved out to create access and enhance the usable space inside. More detail can be seen on the Irish Times and Urban Agency. Irish Times


    Urban Agency

  • paul tierney

    Architectural Interior of Private house

    Private house in Dublin with brick Architectural Interior

  • Corten steel facade by ABK Architects Nenagh Leisure centre

    Landscape and Architectural Photography for ABK Architects Nenagh Leisure Centre

    Nenagh leisure centre by ABK architects displays the power of contemporary design and a regenerative engine in a community. The project extends and renovates the existing leisure centre in Nenagh. An aspect of this scheme that is important is the extensive landscaping around the project. Indeed the project as a whole can be viewed as a landscape intervention. Corten steel is used as a material that links all element so of the project. The earthen tones of the Corten suit the Irish weather. On a dull day the Corten illuminates the scene. The parkland around the scheme is a fitting boundary to Nenagh town. It provides a boundary between urban and rural.

  • Interior photograph of Marker Hotel Swimming Pool Dublin

    Marker Hotel Interior Photography

    Architectural and Interior photography for the Marker Hotel Dublin.


    “Extraordinary, surprising and luxurious, The Marker Hotel is the perfect urban retreat for those who crave the unconventional.”

    This how the Marker Hotel describes itself. This project was completed for the Architects and designers.

  • Architectural Photography McCullough Mulvin Private house

    Architectural photography McCullough Mulvin

    This small project in Rathmines Dublin has featured in the movie “About Adam” , released in 2000 it starred Kate Hudson and Stuart Townsend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu1KyL-HcxU.

    The house features a living room on the 1st floor. The living extends over the full floor plan and creates views from the front to the back of the house. The ground floor is used for sleeping, bathing and storage. This is a really great example the emergence of the influence of one of the Group 91 architects http://archiseek.com/2011/group-91-exhibition-at-ucd/#.VK5OqmSsW0w The house received an Architectural Association Award in 1999 for the design.

    The architectural photography was completed for the client in 2002.