• Construction photography for MDY construction Ireland Reddy Urbanism And Architecture Architects Ballymun Housing

    Construction Photography for MDY construction Ballymun Dublin Ireland

    A beautiful sunny day in Ballymun for MDY construction , showing the buildings ( literally) in their best light. These images were photographed directly after PC so that the quality of finish was evident.

    Tendering for new projects is the daily work of any modern contractor. Frequently, it is the subtle things like the quality of corporate imagery that distinguishes one candidate from another. For the best imagery the general practice is to photograph at or close to P.C. ( Practical Completion).  For  construction photography we use a variety of specialist equipment to ensure the reliable results.


  • Croke park architectural photography

    Croke park architectural photography

    Architectural Photography for Croke park stadium Dublin Ireland.

  • HKR Interiors MSD Ireland

    Interior Photography for HKR Architects at MSD Ireland

    Interior photography for HKR Architects at MSD Ireland ( copyright images, all right reserved).




  • Corporate Photography

    Corporate Photography for Irish Industry

    This project was for a corporate client in the transport industry. Specific images of infrastructure and people formed part of the brief, it was produced over a two day period using natural and artificial lights .

  • HKR Architects Kingswood Hotel

    HKR Architects Kingswood Hotel

    HKR Architects Kingswood Hotel, Interior and Exterior architectural photography for HKR Architects