• front cover of medieval volume of art and architecture of ireland

    Art and Architecture of Ireland RIA

    Art and Architecture of Ireland is a five volume set of books that catalogues the history of Irish Art and Architecture. The books are a fantastic resource for anyone with even a passing interest in the Art and Architecture of Ireland. As a photographer it was a real joy to be involved in a very minor way with the production of the books.
    All five volumes are incredible works of academic insight, the books draw together many of the authoritative experts on irish Art and Architecture. The volume on medieval architecture and art from C.400-C.1600 is the most amazing collection of writings on the subject. My own involvement was mainly with the volume on Architecture from C.1600 to C.2000. This voLume , edited by Rolf Loeber, Hugh Campbell, Livia Hurley, John Montague and Ellen Rowley, presents a concise narrative of the last 400 years of Architectural history in Ireland. The book provides an analysis of Architectural history, historiography and the history of the Architecture profession.
    As the RIA states on its website : ” Art and Architecture of Ireland in is an authoritative and fully illustrated account of the art and architecture of Ireland from the early Middle Ages to the end of the 20th century. The volumes explore all aspects of Irish art and architecture – from high crosses to installation art, from Georgian houses to illuminated manuscripts, from watercolours and sculptures to photography, oil paintings, video art and tapestries. This monumental work provides new insight into every facet of the strength, depth and variety of Ireland’s artistic and architectural heritage.”
    All five volumes are available from the RIA website: http://www.ria.ie/art-and-architecture-of-ireland-(aai).aspx
    and also from all good book stores.

  • Wallpaper* Guide to Dublin

    Travel Photography for Wallpaper* Dublin Guide 2013

    The new edition of Wallpaper* Dublin Guide with updated details for 2013 has been published. Some of the new additions include the new delicatessen and cold room for Dunne and Crecenzi by Ghinlon Architecture . The insider guide to Dublin is artist, curator and gallerist Colm Mac Athlaoich. Most of the photography for this was interiors and exteriors with some portrait photography of the Insider.







    Wallpaper* Guide to Dublin

    Wallpaper* Guide to Dublin

    Wallpaper* Guide to Dublin

    Wallpaper* Guide to Dublin

  • Color Space

    Color space is an abstract mathematical model used to describe how colors can be represented ( to paraphrase wikipedia). It can be the cause of much frustration when using images for print or web output.

    This article is a brief run down on the terms followed by some tips on how to manage color on a separate post.

    A good analogy is a musical score. A piano, guitar and ukulele are all capable of producing musical notes. We use musical notation to describe those notes on a page. If we use a score play a tune on a piano. The guitarist or ukulelist can also play the same tune using the same score ( without hearing it first). The principle is that there is a code for the frequencies of sound.

    Color space is similar in this way, if i take a photograph with a digital camera, we use the color space model to transcribe or translate the colors values recorded in the camera to their representative color values on a monitor or another digital device. The principle is that there is a code for the frequencies of light.

    To continue with our musical analogy , the translation of tunes between instruments is transposition.  In an ideal world all instruments would be able to play every note. In the real world a piano has more notes than a guitar, and a guitar more than a ukulele. What do I do if I want to play a tune that is out of the guitars range of notes. I have some choices I can transpose the harmony and the melody to the pitch of the guitar, or I dispense with the harmony and choose the play the melody only.

    Color space models are used to “transpose” the range of colors from one device to another. For example: from a digital image to a printed poster. If I want to print that image the color space model is used to “transpose” the color values from the camera into a print.

    Gamut refers to the amount of colors within a color space model. It is similar in idea to pitch range. When we translate the colors from a camera image to a print it is similar to the transposition of a tune from piano to guitar.

    In many instances the range of colors available in the image will exceed the color range of the print. In general this is not problematic, as long as the transposition is correct.




  • Artifice Dermot Foley Landscape Architect

    Landscape Photography for Artifice Dermot Foley Landscape Architects

    Artifice, A new publication authored by  Dermot Foley Landscape Architects and Simon Canz, Lisa Diedrich, and Krystallia Kamvasinou . The book is published by Black Dog Publishing and is available from Dermot Foley Landscape Architects here:


    The book contains essays, illustrations, photographs and drawings related to landscape architecture. A beautifully produced book it is a worthwhile investment if you have an interest in landscape as a cultural production.

    Artifice Dermot Foley Landscape Architect

    Artifice Dermot Foley Landscape Architect