Dalkey House Richard Murphy Architects

The Dalkey House featured in Saturdays Irish Times. The house has drama, light and charm in abundance. With views over the bay across to Howth, the house presents a continuous connection with the exterior. The entrance is via a bridge that crosses over the bedroom windows. There are reminders of the influence of the great italian architect Carlo Scarpa’s in the navigation of the plan.

As in Scarpa’s masterpiece of construction in Castelvecchio, the plan in Dalkey uses a device to orientate the viewer in the space. In Castelvecchio the magnificent but diminulative state of the Cangrade on horseback is used to orientate people. In Dalkey it is the view of the sea. The entrance is over a bridge revealing the views, this is followed by a lobby that blocks the views, then into a slot that has a sky view. From there the views of the sea are presented as portraits, landscapes, and telescopic views. The house embraces the surroundings it is embedded in. More on the house is covered in this piece written by Emma Cullinan for the Irish Times.


For more on Carlo Scarpa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Scarpa

For more on Castelvecchio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castelvecchio_(Verona)

For Richard Murphys excellent book on Castelvecchio : http://www.breakfastmissionpublishing.com/

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